"Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen"

Application Development & Integration

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Integration is one of the “painful” parts of the development process… Clever Technologies is here to take on these challenging tasks dealing with the integration with existing products, or products under development.

When developing an integration plan, we proceed primarily from the strategic goals of software development, a possible change in business logic. Integration can occur at the level of formats and databases, user interfaces, forms and templates, workflow, software applications.

Data Level – collection, structuring, processing, analysis, storage, archiving and transmission to the user.

Interface Level – unification at the interface level is solved based on the use of information subsystems with Open API.

Busines-logic Level – —Äeorganization of organizational structures and business processes.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) – creation of the middleware software.

Integration using WEB services.

DB Programming & Consulting

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We design, develop, deploy and implement a secure DB.

Database creation can be roughly divided into the following stages:

  • The choice of technology (platform) on which the creation of databases will be based.
  • Drawing up technical specifications for the development of a database.
  • Database design (software implementation).
  • Choosing a logical database model (i.e., either a network model, or a hierarchical model, or a relational (ER) model, as well as a multidimensional or object model).
  • Development of software modules for displaying information, for adding new information to the database, information retrieval modules in the database.

QA Testing

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We provide products giving consistent quality, reliability and safety.

Manual testing is ideal for those projects with a small budget, or short-term (up to 2 months).

But, there are a lot of advantages of automated testing:

  • Automated testing helps you find more bugs compared to a human tester.
  • Since most of the testing process is automated, you can get a fast and efficient process.
  • The automation process can be recorded. This allows you to reuse and perform the same testing operations.
  • Automated testing is carried out using software tools, so it works without fatigue and fatigue.
  • This can easily improve performance as it provides a fast and accurate test result.


Remote Support

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Our goal is deliver value product to our customers without jeopardizing quality and reliability.

We listen our customers, and together deliver a winning product.


Manic enthusiasm.

There are no mediocrities among us.

We will take the time and sort out your technical problems.


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Clever Technologies provides fully documented packages which include

  • Software Risk Analysis
  • SW Requirements Specifications
  • SW Design Specifications
  • Test Plan Scenarios
  • Test Plan Results
  • User Guide etc.

CE and FDA submission for the healthcare industry projects.