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Image Processing

Link to Image Processing
  • Using AI in medical imaging
  • 3D data reconstruction from CT, MRI and other modalities
  • Matlab, Python, OpenCV Deep Neural Networks Integrated Development Environment
  • Using Deep Learning model for your application
  • Image Quality Improvements, image QA for robotics and Industrial inspection
  • Image registration, fusion, and segmentation
  • Dental surgery planning and teeth modeling
  • Parallel Processing. CPU- and GPU-acceleration

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Link to Radiotherapy
  • Development of the 3D Stereotactic Radiosurgery Planning System in MS VS environment
  • Software offers the ability to import DICOM RT files, perform image registration and MRI/CT fusion
  • The system supports several treatment techniques, including: Conformal, ARC, IMRT and IGRT
  • Development of the optimization algorithms with several constraints and cost functions
  • Using ITK and VTK for the image processing and 3D visualization
  • Real-time image acquisition, processing and prediction
  • Radiotherapy image manipulation: DICOM RT, RT Plan, RT Structure Set, RT Dose
  • Integration with OTS Dose Engines

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IG Neuro Therapy

Link to IG Neuro Therapy
  • Software for the medical device for pain relief developed in MS VS environment
  • It automatically pinpoint the source of pain using proprietary technology and then send commands to the device to stimulate electrically the nerve endings
  • SW measure, visualize and analyze the data to locate areas of low impedance compared to its surrounding, thus indicate Active Trigger Points appropriate for Hyper-Stimulation
  • DALSA Sapera image processing
  • MySQL data base
  • IDS uEye digital camera integration
  • Real-time sending/receiving measured data protocol via USB2.0 interface

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3D Geometry

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  • Development for the Measuring & Navigational Instruments Manufacturing Industry in MS VS IDE
  • SW for 3D scanning and solving problems of quality control and analysis in the automotive industry
  • Visualization with VTK and Open Inventor libraries, extended hierarchy of the 3D scena
  • Integration with the industrial robots
  • Using advanced stereometric algorithms

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