"Outsourcing IT offshore has become a fact of life, and it’s growing quickly"


Clever Technologies believes that integrity is a prerequisite for a successful and sustained business relationship. This principle governs all aspects of the company’s approach to its customers and partners. We continuously re-evaluate our methodologies in light of the newest developments and perspectives in the field. A few essential methodologies allow us to build responsive, collaborative solutions to the needs of our clients. Clever Technologies is a software development company founded and managed by people with extensive information harvesting expertise. Our staff is experienced in the delivery of information technology solutions and professional services. Our goal is deliver value products to our customer without jeopardizing quality and reliability.


Why Eastern Europe ?

Eastern Europe has several widely known strengths when comes to strategic IT sourcing and application development: elite university system, highly skilled workforce, capability to solve complex technical problems, cultural proximity to the West, etc. Eastern Europe students successfully perform on different contests on information sciences and world championships in programming. They dominate on the majority of international programming competitions. On the prestigious programming championship among students organized on a yearly basis by Association for Computing Machinery – «ACM Programming Collegiate Contest» – the teams of Eastern Europe universities have been taking the leading positions since the end of the last decade. Since then results only improved.


  • Technical skills
  • Infrastructure
  • Education Prospects for growth
  • Global risks