Medical Software
Clever Technologies develops medical SW in relation to the demands of the regulatory procedures (FDA, CE) and medical sector standards (DICOM 3.0, DICOM RT etc.)
Image Guided Systems
Clever Technologies uses advanced image processing and implement progressive automated technologies for the treatment planning system
Real-time 3D Modeling Software
Clever Technologies develops a new system which can measure accurately an apartament inside a building, without the limitations of the current systems
Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen.
Edward V. Berard
Application Development and Integration

Integration is one of the "painful" parts of the development process... Clever Technologies is here to take on these challenging tasks dealing with the integration with existing products, or products under development.

DB Programming and Consulting

We design, develop, deploy and implement a secure DB .


Clever Technologies uses all benefits of the object oriented programming concepts.

QA testing

We provide products giving consistent quality, reliability and safety.

Technical Support

Our goal is deliver value product to our customers without jeopardizing quality and reliability. We listen our customers, and together deliver a winning product.


Clever Technologies provides fully documented packages which include SW Requirements Specifications, SW Design Specifications, Test Plan Scenarios, Test Plan Results, User Guide etc.